Complete solutions for automation of production processes

Automation of lines and other devices, designing, programming of PLC, HMI, OP, production of power distributors, ...

Machinebuilding - 28 years of experience

We design and manufacture complex machines and lines according to individual requirements for the needs of the automotive, metal processing, paper and other industries.


With our extensive program of services, we provide you with everything for comprehensive solutions in the field of industrial automation.


Automation of machines and lines by programming, assembly and commissioning.

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Manufacture of all kinds of machines for processing, assembly, manipulation, ergonomics ...

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Lifting system

Hydraulic lifting tables, folding ramps, tippers, freight and other lifts.

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Conveyor systems

Roller, belt, belt, chain and other conveyors and transport equipment.

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Sale of lifting equipment

Edmolift, Yale  in Bravi


German manufacturer of premium classic cranes, lightweight cranes and other lifting equipment with patented innovative solutions and a long tradition.


Edmolift is the largest Swedish manufacturer of hydraulic lift tables, pallet systems, storage lift systems and other ergonomics and humanization systems in Europe.


American manufacturer of chain, mast, cantilever and other lifts.

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Our advantages

In the company Elektronika Borak d.o.o. we created the E-Borak Systems brand. We strive for its visibility through the quality of our products and services. We provide you with the ultimate service with a multidisciplinary team for the entire duration of the project and after the warranty period.

Years of experience

We have over 28 years of experience in automation, mechanical engineering, lifting and transport systems.

A multidisciplinary team

Our team brings together experts specialized in various fields. Together we find solutions for all challenges.

Individual treatment

We are known for the flexibility and ability to adapt to the individual requirements of our clients and partners.

The best equipment

We only incorporate equipment from top manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric and others.

Recent projects

Each year, we successfully complete many diverse projects in many areas of industrial automation. Below we present some of our recent projects.

GMT d.o.o.

Transporters in storage
Tračni paketni transpoter

PBS d.d.

Belt conveyor for packets

Revoz d.d.

Several projects for assembly lines and electronics
Dvižna mize<

DS Automotion GmBh

Lifting tables for prefabricated construction
Avtomatski stroj za obdelavo, sestavo in pakiranje kovinskih zaponk klimatizacijskih sistemov

Pucihar d.o.o.

Automatic machine for processing, assembling and packing of metal buckles for air conditioning systems
Avtomatski stroj za sestavo nosilca radiatorja iz šestih sestavnih delov

Pucihar d.o.o.

An automatic machine for assembling a radiator bracket out of six components

Telleborg Slovenija d.o.o.

A machine for preparing and inserting plastic washers in a rubber tool before curing

Chemical Refinery

Michigan, US

Chemical Refinery

Michigan, US
Company and goals

Elektronika Borak d.o.o.

E-Borak Systems is a trademark of Elektronika Borak d.o.o. a family owned company based in Ptuj. The company has over 28 years of experience in the fields of automation, mechanical engineering, lifting and transport systems and devices for ergonomics and humanization. We also carry out electrical and assembly works in Slovenia and abroad.


There are already more than 120 employees in Elektronika Borak d.o.o. and its subsidiaries today. The company is steadily growing both in terms of staff and the program of services. In 2018, we moved production to new premises in Lenart pri Slovenskih Goricah, where we have more than 10,000 m2 storage space and our own machining workshop.

A brief history

Present since 1990.

Company Electronics Borak d.o.o. was founded immediately in the beginning of 1990 as a result of the growing need for electronics and automation of the industry in Slovenia. At first, we did service and programming work at various CNC and other computer controlled machines, and later with the increase of employees we began intensive work on the design, programming, production and installation of equipment for automation of transport and lifting systems in the industry.

In 1999, due to the growth of employees and the increasing volume of work, the company moved to a newly built facility with 500 m² of usable space in an industrial zone in Ptuj.

The company received the 2012 Golden Gazel Award for Best Fast Growing Company in the Drava and Pomurje regions.

Due to the increasing volume of projects and thus the need for more space for assembly and the need for our own machining, we have arranged production and a new machine workshop in premises with more than 10,000 m² of usable space in the industrial zone of Lenart pri Slovenskih Goricah.

E-Borak Liftkipp - Hidravlična dvižno-prekucna miza za enostavno obdelavo

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