E-Borak Liftkipp tipping table

A patented revolutionary device for tipping and turning heavy workpieces into position for easy processing. It is designed to allow a single man to easily rotate a heavy workpiece of any shape (heavy tool, weld, metal block, ...) so that he can access all 6 sides of the workpiece from the desired direction. The objects that can be rotated on the device are of different shapes.

  • Robust workmanship to work in demanding working conditions
  • The device may be partially or fully automated
  • Easy to reposition with a forklift
  • The construction of the device is possible, so that the tipper platform can be aligned with the ground level
  • It is also possible to install in the manhole on the lifting table, thus adjusting the vertical position of the workpiece
  • Possible design as a robot serving for: welding, grinding, painting, ...

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